Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2861 (Jhon W. González et al.)

Electronic transport of folded graphene nanoribbons    [PDF]

Jhon W. González, Mónica Pacheco, Pedro Orellana, Luis Brey, Leonor Chico
We investigate the electronic transport properties of a folded graphene nanoribbon with monolayer nanoribbon contacts. We consider two possible foldings: either the nanoribbon can be folded onto itself in the shape of a hairpin with the nanoribbon leads at a $0^\circ$ angle, or the monolayer contacts have different directions, forming a $60^\circ$ angle. The system is described by a single $\pi$-band nearest-neighbor tight-binding Hamiltonian taking into account curvature effects. We have found that for the case of a nanoribbon folded over itself the conductance oscillates from almost zero and a finite value depending on the coupling between contacts, whereas in the $60^\circ$ angle folding the conductance is only slightly perturbed, allowing for the connection of graphene nanoelectronic components in a variety of geometries.
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