Friday, July 12, 2013

1307.3191 (Oleksiy Kashuba et al.)

The quench dynamics of a dissipative quantum system: a renormalization
group study

Oleksiy Kashuba, Dante M. Kennes, Mikhail Pletyukhov, Volker Meden, Herbert Schoeller
We study dissipation in a small quantum system coupled to an environment held in thermodynamic equilibrium. The relaxation dynamics of a system subject to an abrupt quench in the parameters of the underlying Hamiltonian is investigated using two complementary renormalization group approaches. The methods are applied to the ohmic spin-boson model close to the coherent-to-incoherent transition. In particular, the role of non-Markovian memory for the relaxation before and after the quench of the spin-boson coupling and the Zeeman splitting of the up and down spin is investigated.
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