Friday, July 12, 2013

1307.3058 (D. V. Vlasov)

PVC composite internal process of current-voltage time delay formation
and conductivity levels lifetimes origin

D. V. Vlasov
In the previously described model of interpreting the numerous results in the switching states of the conduction in the films of PVC composites [1,2] was noted the need to involve hopping mechanism and percolation theory to explain the phenomenon of giant jumps conductivity, just as was done for the interpretation of such jumps for disordered semiconductor films. It was also shown that to explain the totality of spontaneous and stimulated transitions between states of the conduction in PVC composites requires the existence of an internal process that is able to produce a fixed observable current - voltage delay and switching electrical conductivity levels lifetime. In this paper one of the possible relaxation processes that lead to the emergence of the delay time, and the occurrence of spontaneous and stimulated transitions sample conductivity of nanocomposites PVC is presented. In particular, as a mechanism for determining time delay and lifetimes of the conduction states the reaction of dehydrochlorination is proposed, which should be reversible in case when HCl molecules separated from macromolecule physically can not "travel" far from "their place" in the macromolecule, as it just takes place within a local PVC free volume. In a frame of developed model all previously observed and called "anomalous" electrical phenomena receive a reasonable and predictable behavior.
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