Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.6067 (Sebastian Rémi et al.)

Charge tuning of non-resonant magneto-exciton phonon interactions in

Sebastian Rémi, Bennett B. Goldberg, Anna K. Swan
Far from resonance, the coupling of the G-band phonon to magneto-excitons in single layer graphene displays kinks and splittings versus filling factor that are well described by Pauli blocking and unblocking of inter- and intra- Landau level transitions. We explore the non-resonant electron-phonon coupling by high-magnetic field Raman scattering while electrostatic tuning of the carrier density controls the filling factor. We show qualitative and quantitative agreement between spectra and a linearized model of electron-phonon interactions in magnetic fields. The splitting is caused by dichroism of left and right handed circular polarized light due to lifting of the G-band phonon degeneracy, and the piecewise linear slopes are caused by the linear occupancy of sequential Landau levels versus $\nu$.
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