Thursday, July 25, 2013

1307.6418 (Yago Ferreiros et al.)

Domain Wall Motion in Thin-Film Magnets/ Topological Insulator Junctions    [PDF]

Yago Ferreiros, Alberto Cortijo
We derive the equations of motion of a Domain Wall in a thin-film magnet coupled to the surface states of a Topological Insulator in the presence of of both an electric field along the Domain Wall and a magnetic field perpendicular to the junction. We show how the electric field acts as a chirality stabilizer holding off the appearance of Walker breakdown and enhancing the terminal velocity. We also propose a mechanism to reverse the Domain Wall chirality in a controllable manner by tuning the chiral current flowing through the Wall. An input from a weak perpendicular magnetic field is required in order to break the reflection symmetry that protects the degeneracy of the chirality vacuum.
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