Friday, July 19, 2013

1307.4862 (Andreas Pfeffer et al.)

Sub-Gap Structure in the Conductance of a Three-Terminal Josephson

Andreas Pfeffer, Jean Eudes Duvauchelle, Hervé Courtois, Régis Mélin, Denis Feinberg, François Lefloch
Three-terminal superconductor (S) - normal metal (N) - superconductor (S) Josephson junctions are investigated. In a geometry where a T-shaped normal metal (Cu) is connected to three superconducting reservoirs (Al), a sub-gap structure appears in the differential resistance for specific combinations of the superconductors chemical potentials. These features are consistent with the prediction of non-local quartets formed by correlated Cooper pairs and open perspectives toward a new generation of electronic entanglers.
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