Monday, July 22, 2013

1307.5155 (Jérémie Druge et al.)

Damping and non-linearity of a levitating magnet in rotation above a

Jérémie Druge, Oscar Laurent, Marie-Aude Méasson, Ivan Favero
We study the dissipation of moving magnets in levitation above a superconductor. The rotation motion is analyzed using optical tracking techniques. It displays a remarkable regularity together with long damping time up to several hours. The magnetic contribution to the damping is investigated in detail by comparing 14 distinct magnetic configurations, and points towards amplitude-dependent dissipation mechanisms. The non-linear dynamics of the mechanical rotation motion is also revealed and described with an effective Duffing model. The obtained picture of the coupling of levitating magnets to their environment sheds light on their potential as ultra-low dissipation mechanical oscillators for high precision physics.
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