Monday, July 22, 2013

1307.5190 (D. Moldovan et al.)

Electronic states in a graphene flake strained by a Gaussian bump    [PDF]

D. Moldovan, M. Ramezani Masir, F. M. Peeters
The effect of strain in graphene is usually modeled by a pseudo-magnetic vector potential which is, however, derived in the limit of small strain. In realistic cases deviations are expected in view of graphene's very high strain tolerance, which can be up to 25%. Here we investigate the pseudo-magnetic field generated by a Gaussian bump and we show that it exhibits significant differences with numerical tight-binding results. Furthermore, we calculate the electronic states in the strained region for a hexagon shaped flake with armchair edges. We find that the six-fold symmetry of the wave functions inside the Gaussian bump is directly related to the different effect of strain along the fundamental directions of graphene: zigzag and armchair. Low energy electrons are strongly confined in the armchair directions and are localized on the carbon atoms of a single sublattice.
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