Monday, August 5, 2013

1308.0456 (A. Satrapinski et al.)

Precision Quantum Hall Resistance Measurement on Epitaxial Graphene
Device in Low Magnetic Field

A. Satrapinski, S. Novikov, N. Lebedeva
Precision quantum Hall resistance (QHR) measurements were performed on large-area epitaxial graphene device at low magnetic fields (B = 2 T - 8 T) at temperature T = 1.5 K. Hall resistance was measured using Cryogenic Current Comparator resistance bridge with high biasing current Isd = 40 micro ampere. The results showed that at B = 8 T the relative deviation of Hall resistance from the expected quantized value h/2e2 is within experimental uncertainty of 3.5 parts in 108 and remained below 0.35 parts per million (ppm) down to B = 3 T.
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