Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1306.5790 (Jeremy M. Moix et al.)

Coherent quantum transport in disordered systems I: The influence of
dephasing on the transport properties and absorption spectra on
one-dimensional systems

Jeremy M. Moix, Michael Khasin, Jianshu Cao
Excitonic transport in static disordered one dimensional systems is studied in the presence of thermal fluctuations that are described by the Haken-Strobl-Reineker model. For short times, non-diffusive behavior is observed that can be characterized as the free-particle dynamics in the Anderson localized system. Over longer time scales, the environment-induced dephasing is sufficient to overcome the Anderson localization caused by the disorder and allow for transport to occur which is always seen to be diffusive. In the limiting regimes of weak and strong dephasing quantum master equations are developed, and their respective scaling relations imply the existence of a maximum in the diffusion constant as a function of the dephasing rate that is confirmed numerically. In the weak dephasing regime, it is demonstrated that the diffusion constant is proportional to the square of the localization length which leads to a significant enhancement of the transport rate over the classical prediction. Finally, the influence of noise and disorder on the absorption spectrum is presented and its relationship to the transport properties is discussed.
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