Sunday, August 4, 2013

1308.0138 (Arijit Saha)

Electron-electron interaction effects on transport through mesoscopic
superconducting hybrid junctions

Arijit Saha
Effects due to the proximity of a superconductor has motivated a lot of research work in the last several decades both from theoretical and experimental point of view. In this review we are going to describe the physics of systems containing normal metal-superconductor interface. Mainly we discuss transport properties through such hybrid structures. In particular, we describe the effects of electron electron interaction on transport through such superconducting junction of multiple one-dimensional quantum wires. The latter can be described in terms of a non-Fermi liquid theory called Luttinger liquid. In this review, from the application point of view, we also demonstrate the possible scenarios for production of pure spin current and large tunnelling magnetoresistance in such hybrid junctions and analyze the influence of electron-electron interaction on the stability of the production of pure spin current.
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